In anosmic blues (improvisation #4) the viewer-reader-spectator is invited to experience and partake in a diagrammatic experiment of cinematic composition towards the creation of an infra-poetics of relation, notation and assemblage. The interplay of text and images presents itself as the encounter of a multiplicity of narratives moving between fictional and documentary approaches. Formerly a moving and living organism, a gathering of notational fragments drawn from encounters with immediate living environment and memory offers itself to be received as a failed performance of translation, intertextuality, attendance, and composition. An abandoned improvisation presenting itself posthumously as the decomposing document of a momentary notational identity in the making, desiring to equate observer with observed by way of relation and contamination.

The viewer, if compelled to upon encountering this protocol, is invited to take part in the experiment as both subject and observer. This role may include, but is not limited to, the following suggestions/directions to be experimented with freely in the act of reading:

- to offer support to the structure, laying the page flat on a crooked, protruding surface (or, by way of kinaesthetic empathy) 

- to dance, by way of entering and leaving

- to destroy, by way of fragmentation and reassemblage (with the optional use of sharp objects/opinions)

- to go all the way to the end, and upon arrival, recollect one’s own trajectory (as if watching a film of oneself as the observer/reader)